Midweek Projects: A Home For The Shoes


In some residential projects I know, sometimes the owner, and even the designer, always forget one important thing to be stored. Shoes! That’s why I am so inspired by the Eastern style houses, especially Japanese and Korean, that put a mud room as their entrance and also home for their shoes.

4 (2)_edited

Some people don’t like to put their shoes in one with their clothes collections in the wardrobe for hygiene reasons, well, one of them is me. That’s why I love to put a mud room before I enter my house to clean my feet first and store my shoes. But you should beautify the area in your own style because it’s the first time guests will know your personality and your style, you like rustic or sleek, modern or ethnic, or classic or modern.

While for me, I kinda love Industrial concept because it can consist of exposed materials with not too many efforts to make it beautiful. But I don’t like too rustic style though. I love the roughness of the exposed bricks and old wood, and I love the big windows and doors framed in charcoal color that connects with the outside. They can greatly mixed with smooth and shiny concrete floor and chic furniture.

Back to my design, I love to put greenery inside the house. A big window that can be opened to let the fresh air in to the house. And also many spaces for storage this and that based on each categories that have to be put at the front area of the house. Perhaps keys, socks for shoes, and mails.

I put a comfy armchair in front of the shoes drawer to do the wearing and taking off the shoes. Some people would like bench, but I love to make this room a little dramatic by putting the chic armchair and Industrial style hanging lamp at this side.

I believe if I can feel a good mood whenever I entered or out of the house, the rest of the day will be good and positive, so I always do the decor job. I love putting wooden box to store mails or important paper to be read later at the top of the drawer along with the small figures like globes, animals figures, and even a table lamp. And I also love to hang my-often-use bags or it can be use to hang car keys or house keys.

Then not to forget to decor the wall also. I love to put a big clock at this room so I can know what time I am leaving the house or tell me if I am late or too early. Also I love to put some photo frames or maybe nice quotes or some great small paintings to give the positive energy before leaving the house to remind me life is good.

And to complete the ambiance of the house that can indulge the senses, I put lanterns on the floor that can be filled with aromatherapy candles so I can smell a good fragrance everytime I’ve just come home or before I go.

Okay, I think that’s all for reviewing my latest design. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you again with my other post of Midweek Projects soon!

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Style It Tuesday: It’s A Cold Tuesday!


Busan is the place where I’m staying for now. The weather is warmer than any other area in South Korea. But still, it feels like the frostbite bites everytime you go out. So today, since I have to deal with some important tasks to do, I choose my comfort zone outfit to stay all day at home.

12 December 2017

T-Shirt and shorts. Who doesn’t love this pairing. Casual and comfort mixed into one in your style all day long. I love T-Shirts and half of my wardrobe full of T-Shirts mostly in white color in any pictures drawn on them. It’s easy to be wear and you can combine all of those with almost anything. But yes, I still have some short sleeves shirt, some dresses in black mostly, and blouses. But my favorite ones is my T-Shirts.

Not to forget is my socks and slipper. Recently the weather has been dropped into the lowest degrees (well, although Busan is warmer than any other area in South Korea), so I choose to stick on my slipper and put on my socks in the afternoon. The sun is still shining, the room is warmer at morning until noon, but in the afternoon, the cold wind sneaks into the house bringing the frostbites.

Right beside me is my gear against the dry skin on my face, arms, and feet. I choose to use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion since it’s very suit my skin’s needs well and my Nature Republic Hand Cream in Lily scent from my friend here.

IMG_20171212_115226 (3)


Well, it’s done blogging for today. I’ll see you again soon with my inspirations of Tuesday outfit soon. Thank you for reading! Don’t let the frostbite bites!

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Wanderlust Friday: Morning Walk at Gamcheon Cultural Village


My next trip is going to Busan Culture Village in Gamcheon. I’ve seen pictures from one of my friend that tell this place is interesting because of the colorful residential wall paintings or you can say mural. So I took a morning trip to this place.

IMG_20171125_110118 (2)

From Haeundae, you can take bus no. 1003 to Chungmu Sijang near Nampo-dong. And then you’ll wait for the bus no. 1-1 or no. 2 at the same bus stop. It’s about 5 minutes for waiting the green bus that will take you to Ami-dong Gamcheon Samgeori, the beginning for your trip to Gamcheon Cultural Village.

The track of the bus is really cool because the bus will take you across the way up to the top of the hill where Gamcheon Cultural Village is on. The bus will take you through the narrow streets on the way there and it’s really good for sightseeing the local residence and their characteristics of the building.

Well, after around 10 minutes hike up the hill, we were arrived at the entrance gate of Gamcheon Cultural Village. And there’s a tourist information center to buy (yes, buy) the map of the place for 2,000 Won.

IMG_20171125_105810 (2)

IMG_20171125_105938 (2)

IMG_20171125_110056 (2)

It’s such an interesting entrance because I can see my favorite art, the murals, on the facade of some houses that draws the resume of the whole village in cute ways in Korean style can present for the tourists.

IMG_20171125_110106 (2)

IMG_20171125_110012 (2)

IMG_20171125_110135 (2)

IMG_20171125_110157 (2)

The contour of the village is really good because you will hike up the hill first and then down to the valley and while the end of the village is a beautiful view of the port that connects to the sea. You can find some fish murals on the wall all the way up.

IMG_20171125_110206 (2)

IMG_20171125_110739 (2)

IMG_20171125_110936 (2)

IMG_20171125_111141 (2)

The more you hike up to the top of the hill, the more you’ll find the area quieter than the entrance. Less tourists and less murals. But you can still see some art made by the locals to brighten up the place and some tourists will take pictures with them.

IMG_20171125_112709 (2)

IMG_20171125_112945 (2)

IMG_20171125_113136 (2)

Well, because of the track, I suggest you to use a comfortable ones because you will walk all through the way up and down until you find another bus stop at the end of the village tour.

I think it’s more interesting at the entrance up to the top because there are some interesting spots you can see and enjoy. But the more you explore the village, the quieter area you will see. Well this trip fulfilled my curiosity about the famous cultural village in Busan.

I think that’s all for my story today. I’ll see you all again soon to tell another story from my trip while I’m staying in Busan. Thank you for reading!

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Style It Tuesday: Oh, Darling!


Inspired by the cotton candy and the winter, I dream an outfit that warm the body in a cute style and reflects the cold outside. So I made a moodboard at my Polyvore. It’s really good to be back and play with colors and patterns.


Somehow, I love the soft of cotton candy color in pink, or you can say a pastel pink color. And I am a huge fans of hologram color that reflects most color we see everyday and you can put this color into one outfit that pop out the most.

To cool down the color crowd, match with grey stuffs in statement bag or shoes and accessories that reflects the winter. Add some navy blue and a little touch of gold to add the color accent on earrings or watches.

Play natural on the makeup but bold in pink for the lips. Make it minimal for the hair in messy bun. Add some spray of sweet and darling perfume to make a good smell, for this instance I choose Anna Sui La Vie de Bohème to complete the look, as for me to always indulge the senses for eyes and nose.

That’s all for today. I’ll see you soon enough to share another post of my fashion enthusiasm. Thank you for reading!

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Wanderlust Friday: Dusk Moment at Anapji Pond


Continue my last story about a short trip to Gyeongju, I went to Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond (Anapji Pond) in the dusk. One of my hubby’s friend told him that to visit this place best is at dusk. So we went to Anapji Pond and enjoy the freezing weather.

IMG_20171104_175054 (2)


Anapji Pond is on of the ancient Silla Kingdom ruined that the South Korea government reconstructs up to now to be as like the old times as possible. Perhaps this place was beautiful at the old times as a place to rest for the Kings and families.

I think the view in Anapji Pond is really good at dusk thanks to the clear evening sky and the lighting surround the existing building. I think the visitors can rent a Hanbok somewhere around Anapji Pond and make some memories by taking some pictures inside the area.

IMG_20171104_173315 (2)

For me, I’m not that impressed that much about this place except for the beautiful pictures I took. But if you want to get nice details about Korean architecture, you can get the dramatic pictures in here at dusk. And since I am curious about Korean culture, well, I think it’s a worth trip with my hubby.

IMG_20171104_173351 (2)

IMG_20171104_173843 (2)

IMG_20171104_175504 (2)

That’s all for today’s story from my short trip in Gyeongju since we only have one day trip and go back to Busan at night. For the transportation if you want to travel in Gyeongju, it’s best to ask the Tourist Information Center inside the Singyeongju Station first. They will explain the bus you can take and how long the journey you will take between all the historic sites.

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you soon for my next trip in South Korea.

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Midweek Projects: Reading Corner


Ah… It’s been a while since my last post on this section. And now I am back with sudden inspiration and idea that came this morning in my daydreaming about missing my books in Indonesia (I am seriously missing reading all those books I have back in my home). So I fill in my blank page (well, my laptop, actually) to take out the ideas into visualization.

2 (2)_edited

I always love having a corner of reading area surrounding with my books in style. And I always love how Industrial concept mixed with a little bit of tropical ideas. I love the roughness, exposing materials, and all the details of Industrial concept, and I love how tropical style can light my mood up in holiday vibes.

I always love maximize the function of corner section and make it beautiful. Combining big window so you can see the outside world and connects with the surrounding nature and cozy seats, like comfy armchair or classic single sofa, to enjoy the view or spending times reading favorite books.

Built in bench has been my favorite also. Puffy pillows in colors and wooden texture that made the bench looks so interesting to sit and enjoying the view from the window while having cup of tea and books (of course!). Additional space below the bench can be used for storage, anything I have to save near my reading corner.

And I always love statement hanging lamp mixed with bronze or gold color and LED bulb lamp. It adds style into the design and make a vocal point of the room. Well, I love adding dramatic point into my design by playing with spotlight showers in some important points of my design.

I think that’s all of my thoughts about the design I made today. I have to spill it out to get a relief mind and prepare a new slot for the next fresh ideas. Thank you for reading! I’ll see you soon!

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Style It Tuesday: Clean Up Your Face


After a whole day with makeup on, it’s best to clean up our face before we get to sleep from any residue to keep our face skin healthy. Few weeks ago, I read about this Korean beauty skincare routine from SOKO Glam (you can read all the things about it in her web) and found out there are 10 steps to get a clean and fresh face in Korean way. Here’s the picture I found in Pinterest about it.


Since I don’t put a lot of makeup on my face and just need not-that-much extra care for my skincare routine, I only do 7 steps of the whole steps to reduce using too many products on my face. And 2 steps of 7, I do once or twice a week depends my skin condition. Here are the steps and the products that I use for my skincare routine. I am not a beauty expert or makeup artist, I just share my experience here.

Notes before you read further: I have a dry skin condition this autumn up to beginning of winter like this, while usually in Indonesia, my skin is kinda oily-dry combinations (oily at the T-zone, and dry on the rest areas). And since I live in Korea recently, I need skincare products that can take care my dry skin this winter.

IMG_20171128_114650 (2)_edited

  1. OIL CLEANSERBanila Co. Clean It Zero Purity for Sensitive Skin. First thing first is cleaning any makeup residue from my face and I find it easier to get rid of it by using this Clean It Zero. Oil-based cleanser removes all the waterproof makeup, like eyeliner and mascara, best. I use it only at night to remove all the dirt and residues from my face to a breathable skin.
  2. WATER-BASED CLEANSERSkin Food Honey Flour Cleansing Foam for Sensitive Skin. After cleaning with oil cleanser, I wash my face with warm water using this cleansing foam to help remove any leftover makeup residue that can cause skin problems in the future. And still, I use this product for sensitive skin. I always do this step twice a day, morning and night, at least, and sometimes when my face feels so dirty and dull.
  3. EXFOLIATORB by Banila Co. Hi Bye Vita Peel Clear Pad. I only use this steps once or twice a week depends on my skin condition. Exfoliator removes all the dead skin cells and make your skin smooth and silky. And I am now considering using this Hi Bye product (just got the sample from buying Clean It Zero and it’s really good to use) or Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask Strawberry. If anyone of you’ve ever try to compare these products I mentioned, please give me suggestions.
  4. TONERinnisfree Jeju Sprakling Mineral Skin. Toner can give your skin extra hydration and moisture. I always feel fresh after using toner. Toner could be anything based on your skin needs. Well, for the truth, I buy this product because there is no store in Indonesia and I ran out of my toner that time, so I choose to buy this one, just to give it a try. And so far, my skin looks good. Use this twice a day, morning and night.
  5. ESSENCEEvian Brumisateur Facial Spray. You can find this in every drugstore. Basically it’s not an essence though, but I choose to use this one to freshen up my face and neck by spray it and tap it on my face, and do not drink it. Also, I use this twice a day after I clean up my face.
  6. SHEET MASKSkin Food Beauty In Food Mask Sheet. My favorite variants are Aloevera, Lemon, Green Tea, and Strawberry. Well, actually I am not picky for face mask, but I bought these since they are sale on the store. So far, I’ve used The Face Shop, Etude House, and Skin Food at the same variants I mentioned earlier. I only use sheet mask once or twice a week depends on my skin condition. Well, sheet mask step can moisture and hydrate and also makes my skin smooth and fresh.
  7. MOISTURIZERCetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15/PA++. I love using Cetaphil because the light-weight lotion and my skin meets its balance with this one. I only use it in the morning before I do all the works and activities. Well, my skin condition is easily gets freckles if I wear no sunscreen. Once I went to the doctor and she said that this is a family genes that I can’t avoid. Although freckles are good for some people, but for mine, it causes my face looks dull and not good.

So far I am doing this for about almost a month already and my skin looks good and smooth. The 10 steps is good for some people I think, but for me, it works only with 7 steps that I’ve done daily. The reason is I just don’t want to put a lot of products on my face to let the skin breathe easily, especially at night while I’m sleeping.

I’ve tried to use sleeping pack once, but in the morning, there’s an red acne popped so I stopped using sleeping pack. I don’t know, perhaps I’m doing it wrong, since I am not a beauty expert, or it’s just a sign that my skin don’t need a lot of products. So I just keep the 7 steps only.

When you wash your face, put moisturizer of your skin, make sure you do it in circular motion to make a better blood circulation in your face.

In Korean beauty, when you use toner, you pour the toner in your hands and tap it on your face to make the toner absorbs easily into your skin. While for me, I’d like to pour toner on a cotton pad, then put the cotton pad on my face, make a circular motion in smooth massage (no rough rubbing), after that, to make it more absorb into the skin, I tap my face. No rubbing, just tapping.

I think that’s all for this Tuesday. I’ll see you all again soon for the next post of Style It Tuesday. Thank you for reading!

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