About HoS

Hello, and Welcome to House of Smichi!


As you all have already known from the first page of this site, House of Smichi does interior design and party decoration. In here, we love art and design so much!


We serve You in realizing your dreamed home by providing You consultation in interior design. We have various experience in implementing interior for residential, commercial spaces, office space, and hospitality spaces, House of Smichi is established to provide the best service and quality within valued price. Please feel free to contact House of Smichi to start your step in realizing your dreamed home.


Why House of Smichi?


The Girl Behind House of Smichi


I am Sherly, the girl behind House of Smichi. I am your interior designer and decorator.

Not only interior design, I also love to make art projects. Usually I post all the projects in MondayFest tag on the Blog. I do paper artwork, clay artwork (am still learning), paper quilling, and paintings. I also doodling in my free times and make an Art Journal post on the Blog. Yes! Basically I love do Blogging! And you will find most of my writings on the Blog.

I hope you have fun in House of Smichi and get inspired!

Have a nice day! ❤