Enjoy My Book Club: Gallagher Girls Series #5

Greetings! ❤

This week I bring my most favorite Teenlit genre of all time, The Gallagher Girls Series which I’ve collected since in college almost 9 or 10 years ago.


This series has 6 books that related one to each other. At first I only had the first 4 books. Then I’ve waited sooo long until the Indonesian publisher decided to re-publish all the books once at a time until the last book.

This Teenlit genre series is so different from any other Teenlit series. The story is unpredictable and not just about love of teenager. This is more complicated ad yet interesting. The more I read, the more I can’t stop turning the page on and hunger for the next stories.

The main story is about school which teach girl student how to be a good spy without any other outsiders know that this is a spy school. The school is classified. For you who love unusual school detective stories (well, actually spy school stories) , this one is recommended for you to read.

I think that’s all for me to review the book I read lately. We’ll see you all again soon! Thank you for reading!

Remember, think interior design, think House of Smichi!


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