Style It Tuesday: Tuesday Madness

Greetings! ❤

These past few weeks have been so hard and rough because time is running out. I am in the middle of dealing for 4 projects in the same time and they drive me crazy since I have to do it alone in the field. It’s exhausting actually, but all I can think is life must go on, no matter what.

Well, in some point, I love to dress casual yet original to fulfill my passion as an artist. Sometimes a standout outfit can satisfy a small part inside of me. Haha! That’s why, I love to mix and match some outfits to make it look more casual. Polyvore helps me so much to create a good looking casual that I want.


I love mixing something ordinary with unique stuffs and playing with neutral colors behind the bold colors, although I don’t like drawing too many attention from people. It makes me nervous. But somehow, the original style of mine is boosting my mood up so I can deal with today’s adventure.

Well, for this Tuesday madness I make an outfit moodboard of white T-Shirt with jeans, a pair of sneakers, long vest, and eye-catching crossbody bag. Some of the outfit are in red to make a unique accent of the look. And the Rambling Rose Crossbody Bag from Kate Spade New York  is really fill in the style, adding an original style of the look.

How do you style your Tuesday?

That’s all for today. You can see my look book in my Pinterest from my Polyvore set and some pictures from my past photoshoot. Dress in style, and be yourself! We’ll see you all again soon! Thank you for reading!

Remember, think interior design, think House of Smichi!


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