Style It Tuesday: Casual as Usual

Greetings! ❤

It’s Tuesday and I wear my comfortable outfit today for working on some important projects. As you’ve already know, I always choose casual, as usual. Not just because it’s easy to wear, but also I can keep myself stylish in casual.

HoS Casual as Usual Tuesday

White T-Shirt has been my favorite tops of all time. The color suits me best, I don’t know why. And I always love to pair my white T-Shirt with all of my denim collections. Well, today I am going to wear a denim skirt. Denim can fit most of the outfit, so it’s easy to wear with anything.

Saddle bag has been my favorite bag, besides bucket bags. Although the shape is rigid and you can’t put too many stuffs inside the bag, but the bag can be bold among your outfit pieces, especially if you pick the bag in unique shape like the one with bunny’s ears or cat’s ears. Or you can choose bold-bright colors like red or neon colors. But make sure, not all of your outfit is too bright for you to wear.

Five things that I always bring with me wherever I go are watches (with bracelets), umbrella (since I live in the most rainy city in Indonesia), notebook and pens (well, sometimes I bring my pack of Sakura pens also), a book to read (my reading material at the moment is A Game of Thrones), and my pocket camera (to capture moments or things that meets my eyes). I don’t count my wallet and cell phone because they are the most essential things that have to be in my bag.

That’s all I am going to wear today. You can see my look book in my Pinterest from my Polyvore set and some pictures from my past photoshoot. Dress in style, and be yourself! We’ll see you all again soon! Thank you for reading!

Remember, think interior design, think House of Smichi!


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