Midweek Projects: Fresh Wednesday

Greetings! ❤

It’s a little bit exception for today to post Midweek Projects on Thursday since I was away from my computer yesterday. I have a whole day meeting with some different people, so I beg your pardon for this.


This Wednesday, I was thinking about a fresh-masculine mixed with a bit feminine style in the living room, a space for working, hangout with the whole family, and a place for relaxing and watching favorite TV shows.

I always love not-too-big sofa for two, a comfy one so I can sleep on it too or reading for hours. Extra colorful-fluffy pillows in the theme of tropical and put some greenery at the corner to add a freshness inside the room. I love having a big table to put everything on it when I am in the room, and an extra side table to show my flowers (in this picture is orchid, which is one of my favorite flower), and of course a floor lamp to shine a light when I am reading.

I was in the mood of shades of grey this Wednesday, so I love to make it a two shades of grey (not fifty. Haha!), darker grey for granite or shiny tiles, and lighter one from concrete texture. Also, I love to make a centerpiece in this room by adding a blackboard wall behind the sofa and write on it while I also put some plants on the wall along with the photo frames.

I am in the mood of combining masculine and feminine style lately, although one of it would dominantly decorate the entire space and the other can fit perfectly as accent. And I also love the idea of modern and tropical since I watched Fifty Shades of Grey again. I’m in love with Grey’s apartment style, but I don’t like too much cold and too much masculine, so I create my own style inspired from the movie. And here I am working on sharpened my design ability by making moodboard.

I think that’s all for today. We’ll see you all again soon! Thank you for reading!

Remember, think interior design, think House of Smichi!


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