Midweek Projects: Wednesday Afternoon’s Moodboard

Greetings! ❤

This Wednesday, I am playing with Olioboard that I know from reading this interesting article about how to be an interior designer. Well, this is my first experience using this apps to make a moodboard.

OB-HoS Midweek Projects - Tropical Modern Dining (2)

In this afternoon, I feel like I want to share something fresh about a mood that I’ve got by looking the sunshine through my window. Yes, it’s that simple because inspirations can come from anything. Haha!

Well, what I thought for the first time is a dining area with a large table made of solid wood, perhaps in the color of teak or an old wood. It can fit for 8 to 10 persons to eat in. Two modern-chic chair is placed at the end of the table with wooden bench at the side of the table full of colorful pillows on it. Then I never forget the greenery that will make the area fresh and contrast.

I love make the wall looks dramatic and I love playing with concrete wall. In the middle of the concrete wall and the table, I can see I put a black space with giant clock on it. It’s not specific clock, but I am looking for an old clock to decorate the black space. And since I love making it symmetrical, I put two colorful paintings in tropical theme.

For the lighting, I really love to put light bulbs strings in the center of the room, above the table. I put a geometric pendant lamp to fill the space between the light bulb strings. I love to make the lighting a little bit harsh for the hanging lamp in natural warm color.

I think this activity can make my mood a little bit lighter between the jobs I have to do. It’s fun mix and match everything in this moodboard. But since the Olioboard doesn’t have much stuffs that I want to see, I want to try Polyvore for home for this Weekend Projects in the same theme. Let’s see what board I create this Sunday.

I think that’s all for today. We’ll see you all again soon! Thank you for reading!

Remember, think interior design, think House of Smichi!


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