Style It Tuesday: Casual Never Fails

Greetings! ❤

What I wear most of the times is casual and I never find casual is boring or failing. It’s just one of the way to look good but still comfort for a practical person like me.

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I always use minimal makeup only for blushes and lipstick since sometimes I have to work outside the room fighting with sunshine and rain. I have to apply sunscreen on my face and body and also oil-free moisturizer and foundation for the base, otherwise I’ve must look like a queen of oil.

So far, I’ve been using NYX Cosmetics for almost anything on my face; lip balm and lip cream, oil-free foundation, and blush-on. The texture is so soft on my face and it’s light to re-apply if it’s faded. So far, I am comfort with my choice.

And also, I love cross-body bags; saddle bags, postman bags, bucket bags, and even bags with cute cut on it. Although I still have to bring another tote bag to put my additional stuffs there, but still cross-body bags are my favorite. It’s simple, small, so you can carry it easily.

And I have a serious choice of color for my umbrella. I don’t know why, I love to choose umbrella in black or transparent, although I have a big red umbrella. I don’t care the patterns like, I love black or transparent umbrella. Maybe it’s because not so many people here in my town wear those kind of umbrella.

I think that’s all about my look today. You can see my look book in my Pinterest from my Polyvore set and some pictures from my past photoshoot. Dress in style, and be yourself! We’ll see you all again soon! Thank you for reading!

Remember, think interior design, think House of Smichi!


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