Style It Tuesday: Formal Tuesday

Greetings! ❤

Earlier today I was going to my project’s site to do measurement for a wedding decoration I am going to create one.  Since it’s a little bit formal meeting with the wedding banquet also, I guess Polyvore can inspired me to make a moodboard for my casual formal outfit.


Today I wear blouse and jeans pairing with sneakers and make my outfit as simple as I can. I don’t like an outfit that makes me cannot move freely. Of course my signature is makes everything looks casual. I don’t like wearing high heels and other girly shoes. My feet has experienced one bad consequent for choosing to wear those shoes. And I don’t want to feel it again.

I love mix and match blouse and any other tops I have with jeans and sneakers. My jeans doesn’t have to be blue, but I also have black and grey. While for sneakers, I still choose white or any lighter colors. And I will never forget to wear my watch because I am a little bit control freak when it’s about time.

What do you wear today? You can see my look book in my Pinterest from my Polyvore set and some pictures from my past photoshoot. Dress in style, and be yourself! We’ll see you all again soon! Thank you for reading!

Remember, think interior design, think House of Smichi!


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